Membership categories that exist are (1) importer members or (2) associate members or (3) retail members.

“Import member” means an individual and/or legal entity that is registered as an importer with the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) and\or the Perishable Export Control Board (PPECB).

“Associated member” means individuals and/or legal entities that is not an importer but a Government Agency or Department, an Industry Association or a provider of services in the logistical chain to Association ‘import members’

“Retail Member” means a member who is known to primarily engage in the retailing of among other things, fruit and vegetables but who may also engage in the direct importation of fresh produce.

FPIA membership fees for 2011

Registration and Entry fee

A once-off entry fee of R10 000 is payable upon registration.  The attached application form should be completed and submitted to the office of the General Manager at or fax to + 27 86 663 5258.

Registration form

Plus an annual membership fee:

2012 Importer Membership fee amounts to R20 000 plus a levy of 12c per kilogram fresh fruit/ vegetables imported during 2011 and is payable upon registration.

2012 Associated Membership fee amounts to R20 000 and is payable upon registration.

2012 Retail Membership fee amounts to R120 000 and is payable upon registration.