The Fresh Produce Importers Association (FPIA) was established in November 2010 and aims to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the South African import sector.

The FPIA provides services related to the importation of fresh fruit and vegetables into South Africa with a specific focus on sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) compliance and capacity development.  It also provides an effective mechanism for members to engage with regulatory authorities in a coordinated and informed manner.

FPIA Structure:

The FPIA is a non-profit organisation with a Board of Directors to oversee the financial and general management.

A General Manager is responsible for internal communication and coordination of information, priorities, projects and events  as well as engagements with external role-players such as government regulatory services.

FPIA Members are organised in six focus groups namely (1) Bananas (2) Citrus Fruit (3) Deciduous Fruit and Table Grapes (4) Exotic Fruit (5) Subtropical Fruit (6) Vegetables to ensure effective prioritization and communication.